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Basic Scuba Diving $350

5 WEEK CLASS 7:00PM-11:30PM

The above course includes your classroom and pool training and all major equipment. The ONLY ITEMS you will need are: mask, snorkel, fins, textbook, dive tables, logbook, weight belt and weights. Our courteous and professional staff instructors will be happy to help you with your selection of the equipment. WE CAN ALSO ASSIST YOU IN PLANNING THE OPEN WATER PORTION OF YOUR COURSE, WHICH IS REQUIRED TO COMPLETE YOUR SCUBA CERTIFICATION.

Continuing Education Classes

ADVANCED $180.00

Mid-level continuing education course, which picks up where the SCUBA diver program left off. One night of lecture.Six open water dives required including-navigation, mapping, night dive, search & recovery, deep diving and non-penetration wreck.


Increase your knowledge and skills as a diver. Enables you to take advantage of more dives, be safer and have more fun. Six lectures & eight open water dives required including-navigation, search & recovery, light salvage, low visibility, wreck research, hunting & collecting, night and boat.


This is the entry level certification for the recreational diver wishing to utilize the enriched air (EAN) as breathing gas (offered as an online course).

ADVANCED NITROX (Call for prices)

Two lectures, one pool and open water dives required. This course examines the use of EAN21 through 100% (oxygen) for optimal mixes to a depth of 130 fsw.

DEEP & DECOMPRESSION (Call for prices)

Two lectures, one pool and open water dives required. This course examines the theory, methods and procedures of planned stage decompression diving not to exceed 150 fsw.

TRI MIX (Call for prices)

Two lectures and open water dives required. This course provides the training required to competently utilize breathing gasses containing helium for dives that require stage decompression, utilizing nitrox and/or oxygen mixtures during decompression to a maximum depth of 200 fsw.


One day of lecture combined with hands on instruction with your personal equipment for basic maintenance & repair.

DRYSUIT $135.00

One night of lecture and one pool session. Course includes the use of a drysuit. Certification available with extra dives.